Surrey LPC

Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC)

Surrey LPC is the local organisation for community pharmacy.  It is the focus for all community pharmacists and community pharmacy owners and is an independent and representative group. The LPC works locally with NHS England Area Teams, CCGs, Local Authorities and other healthcare professionals to help plan healthcare services.

The LPC negotiates and discusses pharmacy services with commissioners and is available to give advice to community pharmacy contractors and others wanting to know more about local pharmacy. LPCs liaise closely with their medical equivalent the Local Medical Committee so that GPs and pharmacists can work together to deliver services to patients.  The role of the LPC is to represent, support, develop and promote NHS Community Pharmacy owners.

LPC members are either elected or nominated to join the committee to represent contractors (Pharmacy owners’) views. They do not get paid, however they can claim expenses and locum fees for attending meetings.


  • Looking after the interests of the local contractors and to give value for money.
  • Consultation with NHS England  – the LPC is a statutory body, recognised by Government and NHS England. NHS England is required to consult with LPCs but not required to act on that consultation.

LPCs are not responsible for service commissioning in any way, but they can provide support and advice about services.

LPCs are not allowed to hold a contract on behalf of pharmacies (e.g. a stop smoking service), however, they can facilitate the set up of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) of interested pharmacies to work together to bid for services.

LPC meetings are open to all contractors and pharmacists and we encourage you to join them and find out what they do.  Should you wish to attend an LPC meeting as an observer, this must be pre-arranged –  please contact