Take-up for evening webinar about PCNs was good

Take-up for evening webinar about PCNs was good

June 28, 2019

More than 90 community pharmacy colleagues registered for our recent webinar on primary care networks (PCNs) earlier this week (24 June).

PCNs are groups of general practices joining together in a local area to work collaboratively across the practices and with community service providers and other health and care organisations, including community pharmacies.

Speaking on the webinar, James Wood, chief executive of Community Pharmacy Surrey & Sussex said: “all general practices were required to be in a network by June 2019 and these would generally be formed around natural communities based on GP registered lists, serving populations of around 30,000 to 50,000 patients”

He added that NHS England has significant ambitions for primary care networks, with the expectation that they will be a key vehicle for delivering many of the commitments in the long-term plan and will provide a wider range of services to patients, adding:

“PCNs will eventually be required to deliver a set of seven national service specifications, with inputs from community pharmacy and other primary care teams. Five will start by April 2020: structured medication reviews, enhanced health in care homes, anticipatory care (with community services), personalised care and supporting early cancer diagnosis. The remaining two will start by 2021: cardiovascular disease case-finding and locally agreed action to tackle inequalities.

Community pharmacy Surrey & Sussex has set out a timetable of support to help community pharmacy colleagues understand and, get involved with, PCNs

You can access the on-demand recording here.

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