Press coverage – pharmacies and C-19 vaccination

Press coverage – pharmacies and C-19 vaccination

January 6, 2021

This morning’s Telegraph ran a front-page article on pharmacy’s ask for a greater role in the COVID-19 vaccination programme. The story drew heavily on an interview with PSNC Chief Executive Simon Dukes.

Since its publication PSNC has provided follow-up interviews on the subject with the BBC News Channel, BBC Radio 5 Live, Times Radio, Associated Press, LBC Radio and its sister channel LBC News. The other national pharmacy bodies and  LPCs, including the three in Sussex and Surrey,  have also supported this messaging in other media outlets and with MPs and other key stakeholders.

MP for Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas, used Twitter to show her support for community pharmacy

In Parliament Munira Wilson, Liberal Democrat MP for Twickenham, asked the Prime Minister to confirm pharmacy’s role in C-19 vaccination programme. He responded:

“I must say that the Honourable Lady is absolutely right to draw attention to the to potentially vital role of community pharmacies. There are about 12,000 in this country, as I’m sure she knows. In my experience they’re great places, they’re hygienic, the staff are knowledgeable, they’re professional and I think they can… We’ve already signed up 100s to do the… 100s to the campaign and there’ll be many more, I can assure her, to follow.”

The PM is alluding to those pharmacies that made applications to become local vaccinati

on sites, but PSNC wants to see a national action plan to widen this to involve as many pharmacies as want to help in the programme. The public want this too – they are used to getting a flu jab at their local pharmacy and some have already approached pharmacy teams to enquire about the COVID-19 vaccine.

We need the Government to move quickly towards a rapid rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine from pharmacy teams and Sussex and Surrey LPCs will continue to support PSNCs continued efforts to stress to the media and officials at all levels that the NHS should look to community pharmacies to help achieve the Government’s ambitious vaccination programme.

Source: PSNC bulletin

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