Partnership working

We work in partnership with care providers and other local organisations to take collective responsibility for managing resources, delivering NHS standards, and improving the health of the populations we serve.

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Covid -19 | Coronovirus

A real positive out of the Covid-19 crisis is the relationships we have built across all partners.

    • It’s great to be working with professionals from across the public sector with a common purpose and enable them to share our messaging.
    • Our work with the NHS has been more focused on third party advocacy (behind-the-scenes) – helping them help others understand how we work and our processes
    • And it’s great to have the support of the media and social media, enabling and helping them to get important messages across.

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Transfer of care around medicines - TCAM

We are supporting patients leaving hospital by working with a number of NHS Trusts across Surrey and Sussex and KSS AHSN to help set up a secure electronic interface between the hospital IT systems and PharmOutcomes, the community pharmacy system used in this area.  This will provide patient data quickly and seamlessly to their community pharmacist.

    • TCAM went live from ESHT hospitals in East Sussex in April 2019 when we worked with East Sussex CCGs, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, East Sussex CCGs and KSS Academic Health Sciences Network
    • Implementation across Surrey is phased, with referrals commencing from Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals and Surrey and Borders Partnership from 14 October, followed by sRoyal Surrey  in December.  Epsom & St Helier and East Surrey Hospitals are currently looking to implement in the early part of next year.
    • KSS AHSN are project managing the future roll-out of TCAM across Kent, Surrey and Sussex. 

A Discharge Medicines Service (DMS) will be added to the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) during 2020-21.  This new Essential service, which all pharmacy contractors will have to provide, was originally trailed in the 5-year CPCF agreement, with a formal announcement regarding the service made by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in February 2020. Read more: TCAM and the Discharge Medication Service (CPSS briefing note June 2020)

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We have partnered with Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System (ICS) to develop a new service offering blood pressure and atrial fibrillation (AF) checks alongside healthcare advice to manage these conditions.

The service was developed by our service development and support pharmacist, Hinal Patel, who worked one day a week on this project from January 2019 funded by Surrey Heartlands ICS.  The service launched early in 2019.

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Alcohol scratchcards

Community pharmacies across West Sussex are issuing scratch cards to customers to help educate people about safe drinking habits, and find out about levels of drinking in the county.

The service was commissioned in January 2019 by West Sussex public health team because alcohol is the substance most widely and problematically used in West Sussex, with estimates suggesting that 24% of adults are drinking above the lower risk limits.

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Integrating Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation (IPMO)

A project focussed on Surrey Heartlands to test how NHS pharmacy and medicines optimisation/safety could be integrated into Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP) and Integrated Care Systems (ICS)

Watch James Wood, our CEO, and other members of the Surrey Heartlands pharmacy leadership team, talk about the aims of their work to Integrate Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation.

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Local public health campaigns

Surrey organisations (part of the Health and Wellbeing Board and wider partners) work together on county wide initiatives which help meet the objectives of the Health & Wellbeing Board.   Winter campaigns usually focused on NHS England’s Stay Well This Winter initiative / Help Us Help You , which is used to incorporate flu and other Surrey key winter messages.

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Carers organisations

This video was produced was produced in close collaboration with Carer Leads in Surrey Heartlands to help young carers but the messages it contains are relevant to all carers. Read more

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals supported the production of this video.

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South East forum of LPCs

The remit of this forum is to share best practice, forge links with representative bodies and gain updates from them. The Forum also discusses consultation documents which may affect its members.

It meets twice a year. The work & remit of the Forum is governed by South East Forum Terms Of Reference July 2019


Core membership is based on the PSNC regional structure and consists of: the chief executive officer at Community Pharmacy Surrey & Sussex, and the chief officer at Kent LPC, plus the LPC chairs and vice chairs from Kent LPC, East Sussex LPC, West Sussex LPC and Surrey LPC.

The meetings are attended by representatives from PSNC, NPA, CPPE, KSSAHSN and the local LPN Chair. Occasional speakers and guests from partners such as NHS England and NHS Digital, by invitation.

Future meeting dates

14th January 2021

Venue: TBC




Sponsor or support the SE Forum of LPCs

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Surrey Care Records (SyCR)

This project in Surrey, not to be confused with Summary Care Records (SCR), went live to primary care, community teams and acute services in early summer 2020. Plans are underway to include community pharmacy before the end of 2021. More information when available. Until then please contact 

 Read more on the Surrey Heartlands website and watch this video.

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Sponsorship and corporate investment

We are keen to work collaboratively with others and actively seek opportunities to work alongside them for mutual benefit. For example:

  • Sponsorship, investment to support our workshops, conferences and events for the 520 community pharmacy contracts that we represent, support and develop.
  • Partnership, a corporate relationship over a longer term
  • Consultancy, providing professional or expert advice to organisations or individuals. 

Here we present opportunities available just now:

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