NHS England health promotion campaigns

An important part of the community pharmacy contractual framework is that pharmacies participate in up to six campaigns specified by NHS England per year.

At the start of 2020/21, PSNC and NHSE&I agreed that the campaigns would be suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was then agreed that community pharmacies would need to participate in two health campaigns during the rest of 2020/21, the first of which was the annual campaign which encourages eligible people to get vaccinated against flu.

The flu campaign began in early October 2020 with campaign resources being delivered to pharmacies

NHS England has confirmed that the second campaign, Help Us Help You Pharmacy Advice will not be taking place in March this year as intended as the need to the need to protect and support community pharmacy teams managing the impact of COVID-19 continues to take priority.

In 2019/20 all community pharmacy teams participated in the following campaigns, by ensuring that:

  • staff were aware of the key messages
  • appropriate materials were displayed for a least a month over the appropriate period.
1.        Mid-February to mid-March Help Us Help You Pharmacy campaign (formerly Stay Well Pharmacy) 
2.        Mid-May to mid-June Children’s oral health/Smile Month
3.        September Antimicrobial resistance
4.        October Stoptober
5.        November/December Help Us Help You main campaign (formerly Stay Well this Winter)
6.        January 2020 Alcohol

Additional campaigns may be sent out from other parties, such as local public health teams, and where possible we encourage contractors  to support these local campaigns.

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