GP CPCS in Surrey and Sussex

The NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) has been extended across England to include referrals from general practices as well as from NHS 111.

Called GP-CPCS it is a new pathway that enables GP practices to refer patients with a minor illness for a same day consultation with a community pharmacist.

When a patient with a minor illness symptom phones the practice requesting an appointment, they can be referred for a private consultation with a community pharmacist and with their consent, an electronic referral message will be sent to their chosen pharmacy.

Upon receiving the referral, the pharmacist can contact the patient by phone, video consultation or arrange for the patient to attend the pharmacy if necessary. The pharmacist may access the patient’s Summary Care Record (see S for summary care record) and ask about current symptoms and medication. Following the consultation, the pharmacist will offer self-care advice and may sell an over the counter product if appropriate.

Where symptoms suggest something more serious, the pharmacist will help the patient to arrange an urgent GP appointment or escalate to another provider if necessary. The pharmacist will record the outcome and send this to the patient’s GP.

The service has been introduced following successful pilots around the country, which shows it to be very popular with patients and practices alike.

Putting national policy into local practice in Surrey and Sussex

This local update was posted on  28 April 2021. 

A national service specification has been created but the implementation details have been left open for local customisation. Work is underway across Surrey and Sussex to achieve this as soon as is reasonably practical.

In our local video briefing below, CEO Julia Powell sets out the background to our three local implementation projects across Sussex, Surrey and Frimley. The video is a recording  of a webinar held on 21 April 2021 which over 140 Surrey and Sussex pharmacy contractors booked to attend.

Those who missed the webinar are urged watch the recording and read the questions and answers from the session  as it will help them meet some of the criteria for a successful funding claim.

Our Sussex, Surrey and Frimley local on-boarding plans involve a lot of engagement and negotiation  behind-the-scenes as it is important that local referral pathways are right for both GP and pharmacy teams taking account, for example, of the software both use and if it is compatible.

Thank you for your patience while we work through this at locally with ICS, CCGs, PCNs and individual GP and community pharmacy teams, who are all working at different speeds across Sussex, Surrey and Frimley.

A further update will be posted as our three local implementation projects move forward and there is more news to tell.

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