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We work on behalf of three local pharmaceutical committees (LPCs) in Surrey and Sussex to represent, support and develop over 530 NHS community pharmacy contractors.


In 2018 the three LPCs in Surrey and Sussex LPCs combined forces to set up a central administration and operations function to help support contractors more effectively and better meet the expectations of external NHS stakeholders and other local organisations.

Our constituent LPCs remain the legal entities but the new overarching team uses the trading name ‘Community Pharmacy Surrey & Sussex’ and all communications and business is delivered through our central office.

A collaboration agreement has been drawn up between the three LPCs to ensure that each committee did not lose its status or powers (as set-out in their constitutions and in the NHS Act).

Community Pharmacy Surrey & Sussex is a mechanism to allow more effective collaboration between LPCs, pool resources and share costs as well as implementing initiatives of shared interest in common areas.

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Staff team

    • James Wood FRPharmS, chief executive officer. Connect  @JamesWWood | Twitter
    • Hinal Patel  MRPharmS, service development & support pharmacist. Connect @PatelPatelHinal | Twitter
    • Sandra Lamont,  communications & engagement lead. Connect @LamontSandra  | Twitter
    • Micky Cassar, business administrator

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Policies and procedures

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Strategic and operating plans

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Every fortnight we aim to distribute a news-round-up to NHS community pharmacy contractors in Surrey & Sussex with information about what’s happening in politics, education and training for community pharmacists across Surrey and Sussex, and share all the exciting innovations that are happening to transform our sector.

Pharmacy is changing

We send LPC communications and newsletters to contractors NHS Mail aaddresses. We can send to personal email accounts too, but you must tell us if you want us to do this by registering your details with us. Sign up here, and urge everyone else in your pharmacy team to sign up too.

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More information

More information 

  • Contact us at lpc@communitypharmacyss.co.uk
  • Are you on Twitter? Look out for us @CPSS_LPCs
  • Media enquiries only to: 07483 430420  or  07483 176893