West Sussex County Council Public Health

West Sussex County Council (The Local Authority) has responsibility for Community Pharmacy, Public Health, Locally Commissioned Services (LCS).  Surrey public health team currently commissions the following range of public health services within pharmacies in Surrey. Further detail can be found in their respective specification below.

Contact details for the West Sussex County Council Public health team commissioners and Service Specifications:

West Sussex Public Health Contacts:  Service Specifications and Commissioner contacts
 Pharmacy Contract 2014

NHS Health Checks  

Service specificationHealth Checks Pharmacy

viv.mussell@westsussex.gov.uk 0330 222 8717 Contact Viv Mussell, Public Health Lead

Sexual Health:  EHS & Chlamydia testing

Service Specifications:  EHC levonelle 2014

Contact Paul Woodcock Public Sexual Health Lead paul.woodcock@westsussex.gov.uk

0330 222 8701

Needle Exchange and Supervised Consumption

Service Specifications: Supervised Administration specification

Needle Syringe Programme Specification

Needle Exchange & Supervised Consumption westsussexpsda@celesio.co.uk

Robyn Kelly   07702 277671

Stop Smoking Service

Service Specification:  Stop smoking pharmacy

Stop Smoking Service contact Heather Frazer,  Public Health Lead heather.frazer@westsussex.gov.uk 

Public Health Lead for Alcohol & Drugs

contact Holly Yandall,  Public Health Lead holly.yandall@westsussex.gov.uk  

0330 2228683

Public Health Lead for Healthy lifestyles

contact Sue Carmichael,  Public Health Lead sue.carmichael@westsussex.gov.uk  

0330 2228707

Public Health Lead for Wellbeing Hubs

contact Tamsin Soloman,  Public Health Lead Tamsin.soloman@westsussex.gov.uk  

0330 2228709

Project support Healthy Lifestyle Team

contact Samantha Rogers samantha.rogers@westsussex.gov.uk

0330 2225961

Primary Care Liaison Officer, Public Health

Contact Roddy Crockett roddy.crockett@westsussex.gov.uk

Roddy supports pharmacies with both the Smoking Cessation Service and NHS Health Checks.  If you have any questions about providing stop smoking services or NHS Health Checks then contact Roddy for information by email.