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Stop Smoking Service

Service Specification:  Smoking Cessation Pharmacy PHA 201718

Rachael Davis, Public Health Lead Smoking Cessation

Quit 51 support:  Graham Thomas  Quit 51 Stop Smoking Sevice  – support

07773 598540

Quit 51 – Top ten Tips!

For the Ten Top Tips for delivering Stop Smoking in your pharmacy click here! The new Year and time for making resolutions is upon us, so take advantage of this time of year when more people will be making a change and stopping smoking! Quit 51 have produced 10 Top Tips for delivering the stop smoking programme in your pharmacy, click here for the Top Ten Tips!

E-Cigarettes and the Surrey Stop Smoking Programme!

It is estimated that there are currently 2.9 million adults in the UK using e-cigarettes and they have become the number one quitting aid! Research shows that e-cigarettes are helping people quit smoking so it is likely customers will be coming to your pharmacy to purchase the products and looking for more support! For more information on e-cigarettes and how you can find more information click here.

Presentation from the Public Health Engagement update event:

This includes an overview of the service, and information around how to optimise your service provision.

STOP SMOKINGLPC smoking PHA eve presentation Oct 2017