Surrey Carers Flu Jab Voucher – Surrey is encouraging all carers to get vaccinated!!!

As we mark the 70th anniversary of our National Health Service, the shape and sustainability of our health and care system are understandably in the spotlight. Too often missing from this debate is the role which family and friends play. It is frequently forgotten that the majority of care provided doesn’t come from the NHS or from social care but in fact comes in the form of unpaid care which relatives, friends and neighbours provide, estimated to be worth £132 billion a year. Yet the cost of caring on individuals is often high, taking a toll on carers’ emotional and physical health. There are over 115,000 unpaid carers in Surrey. This year, the State of Caring report highlighted the impact of caring on people’s health and wellbeing. Almost three quarters (72%) of respondents to the survey who are currently providing care said they had suffered mental ill health such as stress or depression as a result of caring, while well over half (61%) said their physical health had worsened as a result of caring. Our Carers winter wellbeing campaign is now in its third year and our aim remains to continue to shine a spot light on carers’ health by promoting the seasonal flu vaccination as one way we can help improve and maintain their health.

Surrey is encouraging all carers to get vaccinated. In September in partnership with Surrey County Council, Surrey’s six clinical commissioning groups, Action for Carers Surrey, Surrey Independent Living Council and Surrey Crossroads Care we are launching our Surrey Carers Flu Voucher promotion. The seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to protect carers and the person they care for from flu and will help prevent the caring circumstances breaking down due to the carer becoming ill.

These Free Carer Flu vouchers can be taken to participating pharmacists to be redeemed. Our aim is to increase carer flu vaccination uptake following a year on year decline for this cohort of eligible people. Carers tell us that it is often more convenient for them to pop into their local pharmacists to receive a flu vaccine. As professionals who support carers on the frontline you are perfectly placed to help promote this campaign and explain how important it is for the carer to receive a flu vaccination. 

The Free Flu vouchers provides you with assurance that the carer is known to carers services here in Surrey and is therefore entitled to a free vaccination under the NHS Advanced Flu Vaccination Service.  Just a reminder that the Advanced Flu Vaccination Service Specification only covers people ages 18 years and over. Read the PSNC Briefing 042/18: Guidance on the Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service 2018 (in addition to the service specification and Patient Group Direction) as this provides detailed advice on you need to have in place before providing the service.  Make sure you are aware of this year’s changes

Click here to register to view the PSNC OnDemand flu webinar  which highlights the changes for providing the Advanced Flu Vaccination Service 2018/19.

Click here to view the Surrey Carers Flu Voucher Staff Guidance

Please note that you can refer carers for further support using PharmOutcomes or the Surrey Carers Prescription Service For further information contact: Debbie Hustings, Partnership Manager Carers, Email: