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NHS Prescription Services Hints and Tips

Issue 30 of NHS Prescription Services ‘Hints & Tips’ for dispensing contractors is now available here

This issue of  Hints and Tips for Dispensing Contractors includes:

Can we help increase your EPS use?

Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD): An overview

National Influenza Adult Vaccination Service Advanced Service—make sure you use the correct form

New report on the prescribing of Sodium Valproate

Changes to proof of exemption

Products now available as licensed medicines

Is it time to refill your printer cartridges?

EPS end of month submission process

Completing your FP34D/PD Appendix form correctly

Sorting and submitting your prescriptions


Issue 27 of NHS Prescription Services ‘Hints & Tips’ for dispensing contractors is now available here

This issue of  Hints and Tips for Dispensing Contractors includes:

Community Pharmacy Quality Payment Scheme.

NHS Urgent Medicines Supply Advanced Service.

Endorsing the correct price on EPS messages.

Universal Credit – Claiming free NHS Prescriptions

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Do you know how well your prescription business is performing?

Below you can watch an on-demand recording of  the Check34 webinar held on 30th November 2015, when PSNC’s Check34 Project Manager Patrick Grice and Head of Pricing Harpreet Chana demonstrated how you can use Check34 to analyse the performance of your prescription business.

Please visit psnc.org.uk/webinar