Why calling community pharmacists “unscrupulous-checking-monkeys” is just a storm in a teacup

Why calling community pharmacists “unscrupulous-checking-monkeys” is just a storm in a teacup

March 1, 2019

Chief executive James Wood has described a recent article in an online pharmacy trade journal as “a storm in a teacup”, adding the opinion of a very small number of people on our patch makes for a good headline, but is not representative of community pharmacy as a whole.

“There is no doubt that the headline, in yesterday’s (28 Feb) The Pharmacist, grabs the reader’s attention and entices them to continue reading but from what I see there’s no real substance behind it. The study being reported was undertaken in the South East of England and appears to be the personal opinions of a very, very small number of people” said James

Recognising that it is not helpful to see headlines like this James adds that it does raise issues about the profile of community pharmacy, what we do, and the need for us to challenge such stereotypes in a considered and meaningful way.

“The three LPCs in Surrey and Sussex are still considering the recently announced the NHS Long Term Plan and GP contract as these put a spotlight on pharmacy. We are already talking about how we showcase the excellent skills of community pharmacists and look beyond the opinions of a small number of people, as well making best use of a pharmacists clinical skills, in whatever care setting that they work.”

“Community pharmacists make a huge clinical contribution to the health and wellbeing of patients on a large scale.  This is widely evidenced and recognised. It does seem like a storm in a teacup and I would urge all pharmacist colleagues to show mutual respect and recognise the contribution that fellow professionals make ” he added.


NB: there’s no link to the article here because it’s the opinion of a very small number of people, completely different to the real world – and a long way from the truth.

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