Missed waste collections being investigated

Missed waste collections being investigated

July 18, 2019

Community Pharmacy Sussex & Surrey is reassured that NHS England and it’s waste contract managers, Anenta, are investigating reports of missed clinical waste collections and have every confidence that where the service is poor it will improve – eventually. However, we  still continue to urge both to explain to the current situation in full to NHS community pharmacy contractors. 

Earlier this week, in a message to the clinical lead for waste in South East England, communications & engagement lead, Sandra Lamont, said: “… I now feel that a message out to contractors from [someone in authority] is now long overdue. This situation needs to be acknowledged. I request that someone in authority:

  • immediately publish an explanation of what is happening and the steps being taken to address it
  • make sure any apology is sincere and the amount of information shared is adequate to prevent further accumulation of waste, and give a timescale for improvement
  • follow-up with another message at the end of the timescale.

Ms Lamont added that she would be delighted to facilitate any messages to NHS community pharmacy contractors about waste disposal to make sure they reach all contractors in Surrey and Sussex.

What to do if your waste is not collected:

Any pharmacist or pharmacy owner who experiences problems with their waste collection should:

  • report it immediately to Anenta on their customer helpline 03301 222 143 or email to support@anenta.com . Everyone contacting the helpline should receive a ‘ticket number’
  • please retain your ticket number to share with Anenta and your LPC if the issue continues and needs to be escalated
  • share your experiences of clinical waste collection – both positive and negative – with your LPC. Email:  lpc@communitypharmacyss.co.uk 

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