IMPORTANT FOR SURREY PHARMACIES: Deadline of 14th March to respond to Surrey County Council and continue to provide public health services


IMPORTANT FOR SURREY PHARMACIES: Deadline of 14th March to respond to Surrey County Council and continue to provide public health services

March 2, 2018

TO CONTINUE TO PROVIDE AND GET PAID FOR PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES FROM APRIL 2018 ONWARDS, YOU MUST RESPOND BY 14TH MARCH TO:  You will then be sent the service specifications by PharmOutcomes along with guidance on what to do to renew.  A summary of significant revisions to the specifications is attached.

 Some pharmacies/multiples will arrange for this to be done centrally, please check with your company managers/head office to find out the company procedure for your pharmacy.

An important message from Surrey County Council Public Health:

Dear Pharmacy Manager

Renewal of Public Health Agreement Contract:

The current public health agreement annual contract for the services that your pharmacy is signed up to expires at the end of March 2017 and we are contacting you to renew this for 2018/19 for those services, indicated below, that you are actively providing. The updated 2018/19 specifications for these services will be sent to you via PharmOutcomes and have been developed in discussion with the Local Pharmaceutical Committee. A summary document  that identifies the key changes in within the service specifications can be found below

Summary of significant revisions to Pharm PHA specification 201819 (002)

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Health Checks
  • Chlamydia Screening
  • Emergency Hormonal Contraception
  • Needle Exchange
  • Supervised Consumption

(If you have not been active over the past year in a particular service but were previously signed up this may not automatically be shown above for renewal and you will need to contact us to request that this continue. Your request will then be considered by the relevant commissioning lead in the normal way prior to you restarting)

To assist us in the renewal of the contract please confirm that your pharmacy will be continuing to provide these services from April 2018 to March 2019.

Please respond to by 14 March. Following this date we will then write to you to confirm the renewal of the contract and continued provision of PHA services in your pharmacy (as per section 2.2 of the PHA terms and conditions).

If you do not currently provide smoking cessation but are interested in doing so please contact Liz Fellows at Quit 51 (stop smoking provider in Surrey)   For training dates and booking:  (Please note:  training attendees must have completed the online NCSCT practitioner training and assessment prior to attending )

When the training is completed, contact the Public Health team on this email and the service specification for smoking cessation will be sent to you confirming the addition of this service and PharmOutcomes activated.



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