First full year of data shows clear TCAM progress

First full year of data shows clear TCAM progress

June 18, 2020

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT) was the first NHS trust to start participating in TCAM pathway in Sussex and Surrey in April 2019. Since then three more Surrey-based trusts have joined-in.

Here is the activity data for the first full year of the pathway which enables hospital trusts to send secure online messages to community pharmacists to identify patients in need of extra help with their medicines after leaving hospital.

The figures clearly show a drop in activity as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold in April 2020.

Total live Trusts # Referred # Completed # Completion rate
2019/20 Q1 1 109 89 81.7%
2019/20 Q2 1 101 83 82.2%
2019/20 Q3 3 278 218 78.4%
2019/20 Q4 4 321 225 70.1%
2020/21 Q1 (Covid) 4 125 63 50.4%
Total 4 934 678 72.6%

The four hospital trusts using TCAM in Surrey and Sussex are:

  • Eastbourne District General Hospital and Conquest in East Sussex (since 1 April 2019)
  • Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital, Surrey (since 14 October 2019)
  • Surrey and Borders Partnership (since 1 November 2019)
  • Royal Surrey Hospital (since 2 December 2019)

“It‘s very encouraging to see the completion rate at an average of almost 73% across community pharmacies, demonstrating a high level of engagement” said Hinal Patel, service development and support pharmacist.

“Understandably the Covid emergency had an impact on the number of referrals as the referring trusts coped with the emergency, but we expect activity to increase again, maybe quickly.

“TCAM patients can be suitable candidates for the Post Discharge Medicine Use Review Service (dMUR) and New Medicine Service (NMS).

“I strongly encourage pharmacies who get TCAM referrals to accept and action them in a timely manner. Checking on PharmOutcomes about once-a-day for referrals is a good habit to get into” she added

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