Committee hears how federated structure gives contractors vfm

Committee hears how federated structure gives contractors vfm

July 19, 2019

Community Pharmacy contractors in East Sussex, Brighton and Hove are not only benefiting from enhanced levels of support and representation but also getting more for their contractor levies.

That was the message from treasurer Paul Antenen when he presented his end-of-year report to East Sussex LPC members at their meeting last week.

Paul told the committee East Sussex LPC expenses are now at an eight-year low and the levies paid by contractors during 2018/19 were 6% below the 10 year average.

He added:

The committee is always mindful that value for money is important to contractors, particularly considering the current state of community pharmacy finances.

“We are pleased that combining resources across the three LPCs in Surrey & Sussex is proving to be so beneficial”.

The LPC financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March, with its accounts prepared in June for agreement at the annual contractors meeting in September.

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