Inhaler Technique & Devices Workshop with Jon Bell (organised by GSK)

Wednesday, 24 April, 2019 19:00 to 20:45
Hilton Avisford Park, Yapton Lane, Arundel BN18 0LS

Jon Bell is the founder of a specialist company that focuses on inhalers and inhaler technique, providing educational training to the wide variety of healthcare professionals who care for patients with respiratory disease.

Jon’s training sessions explain why changes in technique can have such a great effect on patient outcomes, by providing simple explanations of the importance of inhaler design, resistance, inspiratory effort, and how they relate to dose output, pulmonary deposition and risk of side–effects.

By avoiding technical jargon, and by giving straightforward explanations and practical examples, the audience will learn about:

  • differences between the various inhalers
  • how each type makes an aerosol
  • why inhaler resistance impacts on how people inhale
  • why changes in particle size, inhalation speed and breath hold all affect the amount of drug deposited in the various parts of the respiratory tract
  • how changing the words we use can encourage better technique
  • how correcting errors in inhalation technique have enabled other health authorities in the UK to reduce both their spend on respiratory medication, and admissions for respiratory patients.
  • how existing problems influence the design of newer inhalers
  • which inhaler training tools can assist when teaching both colleagues and patients


19:00 Registration & Buffet Supper
19:30 The Ellipta Inhaler – Meeting Patient Needs (Vanessa Hunt Key Account Manager, GSK)
19:45 Inhaler Technique and Devices (Jon Bell Director, Canday Medical Ltd Inhaler Technique)
20:50 Meeting Close

Please book in advance

For further information please contact: Judy Archard, Sales Representative (Asthma)

This training workshop has been organised by GSK, independently of the LPCs

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