Safe disposal of medicines and sharps

Anenta Ltd are now managing  clinical waste services contract.

Anenta’s contract with NHS England, Southern Region, is  to deliver waste
management services across Surrey, Sussex and Kent for more than 950 Pharmacies and General Practices.

The three-year contract, which started on 1 October 2018, will see Anenta managing GP and Pharmacy services through its unique contract management platform, conducting detailed audits to help NHS England better understand the waste producers and help individual locations deal with their waste more efficiently.

To use this service pharmacy contractors must first register with Anenta Ltd using this short form

On submission of the form contractors should receive an immediate confirmation to the email addressed submitted, then a subsequent email telling  you that your online account with Anenta has been set up along with instructions how to use the service.

  • Anenta is a waste managing agent, not a waste collector and will help you if you have concerns or complaints about missed collections or require additional collections. If you tell Anenta your concerns and they will contact your waste collector – Stericycle or Cannon Hygiene on your behalf. Anenta’s support team will help you through any aspect of the system. Contact the support team on 03301 222 143 or email to
  • Needle exchange waste is not part of this contract. This remains as per the service specification in your LPC area

Please make sure that you use the correct disposal methods for both medicines and sharps, and do not mix both. Failure to do so could be seen as a breach of your contract with the NHS and/or Duty of Care  Regulations 1991 and/or Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Pharmacy multiples/chains should liaise with company managers/head office before registering with Anenta.


Patient Sharps

It is the responsibility of local councils to collect and dispose of patient sharps.

From 31 January 2019 community pharmacists must not accept sharps of any kind from patients. Instead they should refer patients to their local authority.

Here is a list of all local authorities in the Surrey and Sussex: