Mandatory Community Pharmacy NHS England National Audit 2018-19.

Please find below guidance for the 2018/19 Community Pharmacy mandatory national audit, which covers patients with diabetes and how they access the influenza vaccination.   This must be completed by all pharmacy contractors.

If you are part of a pharmacy group or multiple, please liaise with your company managers/head office.

This audit is to be conducted over a one-week period (or longer, if necessary, to collect data from a minimum of 10 patients) between 24 October and 16 December 2018 (you may need to use more than one copy of the data collection form to collect data from all patients). More information on how to conduct this audit can be found in the guidance here.

which is also available from  The manual data collection form can also be accessed at this website address.

As the national NHS England audit for 2018/19, this audit is for completion by all pharmacies, including those not operating the seasonal influenza vaccination advanced service in 2018/19. If the pharmacy is not offering the influenza service or does not have sufficient stocks of vaccine at the time of the audit, please direct those who wish to be vaccinated to speak to their GP surgery or another pharmacy to access vaccination.

Once you have collected the data, please visit the online portal at to submit your data. Please note that the portal will open on 22 October and close at midnight on 30 December 2018 – please ensure you have submitted your data before this date to ensure you are compliant with your contractual Terms of Service.

Additional help and support including Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  How many audits must a pharmacy complete in a year?

A total of two:

  1. The NHS England directed National Audit which for this year is the about the provision of advice to people with diabetes on the importance of them receiving an annual seasonal influenza vaccination.
  2. A Clinical Audit of your choice. So, for example, this may be the Valproate Medicines Safety Clinical audit, or you could do the NSAID clinical Audit which is currently being revised and will be the basis for one of the 2018/19 Quality Payments Scheme (QPS) quality criteria.

 Q. I don’t remember doing an NHS England National Audit last year – why do pharmacies need to do one this year?

NHS England has not set a directed a National Audit over the last couple of years so pharmacies were not therefore obliged to do one.  This year they have – and ALL pharmacies MUST complete it.

 Q. I completed the Valproate Medicines Safety clinical audit this year – do I still have to complete the NHS England National Audit about the provision of advice to people with diabetes on the importance of them receiving an annual seasonal influenza vaccination?

Yes, the NHS England National Audit is mandatory, and all pharmacies must complete it to ensure compliance with the pharmacy contract.

Q. Where can I get additional help 

PSNC have a dedicated webpage to support all pharmacies to complete this. Further information on the 2018/19 CPCF national clinical audit on flu vaccination for people with diabetes

Q. Do pharmacies have to undertake the audit?
Yes, undertaking the audit is a contractual requirement. If a pharmacy does not undertake the audit it is a breach of their contractual responsibilities.

Q. My pharmacy does not provide the NHS flu vaccination service. Do I still need to complete this audit?
Yes; all English community pharmacies must complete the audit. If you identify a person who is eligible for a flu vaccination, but has not yet had one, they can be referred to another pharmacy providing the flu vaccination service or their general practice for vaccination.

Q. Why has this topic been chosen? 
The audit topic has been chosen because improving the care of people with diabetes is a clinical priority for NHS England and community pharmacies can contribute to that aim by providing lifestyle advice to this group of patients, including on the importance of being vaccinated against flu.

Q. How much work will the audit be? 
PSNC has worked with NHS England to ensure the audit paperwork is straightforward to complete and most pharmacies will only need to undertake the audit during a one-week period. Feedback from the pharmacies involved in piloting the audit suggests that it should not take up a significant amount of time to complete.

Q. What do I do if I have no people with diabetes using my pharmacy during the audit period? 
In the unlikely event that no people with diabetes use the pharmacy during the initial one-week audit period, the pharmacy should extend the duration of data collection until a minimum of ten patients are covered by the audit.

Q.  Do distance selling pharmacies have to undertake the audit?
Yes, all pharmacies must undertake the audit.

Q Why is the audit being undertaken now?
The timing of the audit has been chosen to coincide with the flu vaccination season, so any people identified via the audit as being eligible for flu vaccination can be vaccinated by the pharmacy or be referred to another pharmacy or their general practice for vaccination.