NUMSAS – use of PharmOutcomes for referrals and Locum Guide to NUMSAS

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NHS England South (South East) has secured access to the fully integrated PharmOutcomes NUMSAS module to support the delivery of the NUMSAS advanced service via community pharmacies. This means NHS 111 operators can send NUMSAS referrals directly into your PharmOutcomes services screen. A full service guide is available in both written and video format on the PharmOutcomes “help” tab, please read or watch this to understand how the service will work.

Remember to tell your weekend staff how to access referrals and can access PharmOutcomes, as this is usually the busiest time for NUMSAS referrals.

After the call centres have been set up your pharmacy, if part of this service, will receive a test message that will appear on your PharmOutcomes services screen as detailed in the service guide(s). On receipt of the test message please click on “Accept” to let us know you have received this message successfully. DO NOT click “complete now”. The test messages once accepted will be retracted and removed. Your pharmacy site will then start to receive NUMSAS referrals from NHS 111 via your PharmOutcomes account. 

Once you have received confirmation that your pharmacy has gone live for NUMSAS via PharmOutcomes you will then receive NUMSAS referrals that will appear at the top of your PharmOutcomes “Services” screen.  In the unlikely event of the PharmOutcomes system failing and subsequently being unavailable, referrals would then revert to nhs mail. It is therefore important to continue to check your NHSmail shared account on a regular basis.

New referrals will pop up on your PharmOutcome “Services” page which you can then click on to display referral information. Clicking “complete now” will then take you through the various service stages; including recording the patient medication requirement, having access to links to SCR and EPS tracker, patient exemption and token printing. The NUMSAS claim for your pharmacy will be automatically generated at the end of each month. This is automatically populated with relevant information from records you have entered on to the system. The claim form along with your printed tokens must be submitted to the NHSBSA in line with service claim directions. You will find support for this on the right hand side of all tokens printed that can be detached and retained for your records of supply if required.

Should you need to refer on to another pharmacy, if you are unable to supply medication, you will also be able to gain access to information about other NUMSAS providers in your area by clicking the embedded link to the Directory of Services that appears in the service page – see guide. The method of onward referral is currently to and these claims and records must be managed manually by the onward provider and added to the generated monthly claim.  Additionally, information on out of hours services will be available if you need to refer the patient on to a GP, this is available from the service side bar via the link to Annex C SE Coast. We hope that this development will make the service more straight forward for you to provide and record.

To review guidance on the module see:  under the ‘Help’ tab and then ‘Provider support guides’; you do not need a log in to review these guides.  Please contact PharmOutcomes for further assistance and log in details, if you do not already have a log in, via electronic forms on their website or by phone on 01983 216699.

Information about Service Provision:

The NHS Urgent Medicine Supply Advanced Service (NUMSAS) pilot has been extended until the end of September 2019.

Actions for community pharmacy teams providing NUMSAS:


  • Service end date (extended to 30 September 2019)


  • Ensure you are familiar with the contents of this updated service specification
  • Review any SOPs that may relate to this service, and update them as appropriate
  • Ensure that any staff involved in the provision of this service are aware of the requirements in this updated service specification

revised NUMSAS Service Specification  to run until 31st March 2019


SE Patient Pathway locums guide- Final June 2018..    A guide to locums for using NUMSAS


SE Patient Pathway v6 pharmoutcomes  This is the NUMSAS Patient pathway for what happens and what you need to do when a referral comes via PharmOutcomes.  PLEASE NOTE: EVEN IF YOU ARE USING PHARMOUTCOMES FOR NUMSAS, YOU MUST STILL PRINT YOUR CLAIMS OFF PHARMOUTCOMES AND SUBMIT THEM TO NHSBSA –  Please scroll down to find out the process – how to include in your monthly bundle.

Service Delivery – NUMSAS – This document can help you know what referrals will look like on PharmOutcomes

NUMSAS Store Active List – correct as at 20th December 2017

If you are new to signing up to NUMSAS and for FAQ about the service please go to the PSNC website here for the sign up process and links to do this. 

Please see below information, regarding a change in claiming process for NUMSAS:

In order to claim for NUMSAS, contractors must do the following each month:

  • complete the existing  NHS Urgent Medicines Supply Advanced Service Pilot claim form;
  • place the completed NUMSAS claim form along with the completed FP10DT EPS dispensing tokens (completed as part of the NUMSAS) in an envelope clearly marked ‘NUMSAS’; and
  • send the NUMSAS envelope to the NHS BSA with the normal monthly submission bundle.

Please ensure that FP10DT EPS tokens (completed as part of NUMSAS) are separated from other tokens, or there is a risk that claims will not be reimbursed if the NUMSAS tokens are scanned and stored with the other tokens.

PSNC Briefing 034/17: NHS Urgent Medicine Supply Advanced Service (NUMSAS) – checklist for completing an FP10DT EPS dispensing token and end of month submission process contains a checklist for completing an FP10DT EPS dispensing token after each referral and a checklist for submitting the tokens and claim form at the end of the month.

PSNC Briefing 035/17: Services Factsheet – NHS Urgent Medicine Supply Advanced Service (NUMSAS) – how much will I be paid?  is a quick reference guide to see how much contractors will be paid for each referral they receive depending on the outcome of the referral.

More information and FAQ on the PSNC website here

NUMSAS updates

Regular updates are distributed by NHS England to providers of the service

Read: NUMSAS Provider Update Jan 2019