EPS, Dispensing Tokens and Smartcard Information

Problems with Smartcards Contact Details: 

Smartcard Enquiries

For pharmacies in East Sussex and West Sussex:

NEL CSU Service Desk:


Tel: 03000 42 42 42 – when you dial this first select your area (See below for new contact for some Surrey CCGs)  THEN WAIT FOR OPTION 9 FOR COMMUNITY PHARMACIES. 

The contact details for Registration Authority (SmartCard) requests from 1st February 2018  and support for pharmacies in North West Surrey, Surrey Downs, Guildford and Waverley and East Surrey CCGs ONLY are:


Tel:  0845 241 1561

For Pharmacies in Surrey Heath CCG:

From 01/08/18 your support requirements for Registration Authority (Smartcard) will be provided from within SCW CSU.

Contact: SCWCSU.ITPSO@nhs.net

Tel: 0300 5610550

For Smartcard renewal in Surrey:

Tel: 03005610429 – option 5

A guide to how to digitally accept the NHS Smartcard Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Registering for self-service Smartcard unlocking guide can be found here.

To apply for an nhs.net mail address, Surrey Community pharmacy smartcard users, need to contact the NHS England Pharmacy Team at england.southeastcommunitypharmacy@nhs.net who will advise you of the process.

NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit

Smartcard Team Number:  0300 5610429

Smartcard Team Email:  scwcsu.smartcards@nhs.net

For Pharmacies in Farnham and North East Hampshire CCG:

Support requirements for Registration Authority (Smartcard) will be provided from within SCW CSU.

Contact: scwcsu.smartcards@nhs.net

Tel: 0300 5610429

To request smartcard unlocker access for your pharmacy:

Ask for the call to be assigned to the Sussex RA Team;

Provide: your smartcard UUID (12 digit number on front of your card), your name and pharmacy role, phone number, email address, pharmacy name and ODS/F code

Lost or damaged cards

If you lose or damage (to make it unusable) your card you must report it to the Registration Authority.

 Stationary and Dispensing Token Order Process:

Dispensing Tokens and NHS Stationary are now ordered via the PCSE ordering portal.   You will be able to place and track all orders on the portal and see expected delivery dates.

Stationery Ordering

Ordering and tracking supplies including stationery, dispensing tokens, pre-printed forms etc

Portal login:

FAQ section:

To register:

Support with registering or accessing the portal:

Queries regarding existing urgent orders






(put “portal registration support needed” on subject line)


(Put “urgent supplies query” on subject line).


PCSE are aware of an intermittent issue some people experience when emailing their main enquiry email pcse.enquiries@nhs.net   where users request a read receipt for emails the auto reply they receive indicates that the email has been deleted without being read, causing understandable confusion and concern for some users. Please be assured that these emails have not been deleted and will have been directed to the correct team in PCSE to read and action.