Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer and on-line reporting system for CD incidents

NHS England South East is rolling out a new, online reporting system for controlled drug incidents and other controlled drugs requirements to be reported to Sue Carter, Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer (CDAO) for NHS England South East. This online reporting system has been developed by the NHS England Greater Manchester CDAO team and is now being used by 14 CDAO teams in England.

The online system can be accessed here and requires a quick registration:

  • You need to select South East/South (South East)
  • The software providers haven’t added all of the CCGs across Surrey, Kent and Sussex to the system yet, so if your CCG isn’t present then please select “list pending”.

Work is continuing with the system developers to update the system with all CCGs in Kent, Surrey & Sussex, so hope that this will be resolved soon.

In future, all primary care contractors, provider organisations and other bodies are requested to report any controlled drug incidents to the NHS England CDAO South East via the online reporting system.

For further information on controlled drugs and information regarding the recommended reporting of incidents within 48 hours please see NICE guidance (NG46 Controlled drugs: safe use and management).

NICE guidance (NG46  Controlled drugs: safe use and management) recommends that  local processes for reporting controlled drug‑related  incidents should include  informing the controlled drugs accountable officer or nominated person in a timely way, ideally within 48 hours.

Any further queries please contact:

Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer for CD destruction

& raising local fraud alerts (forged/stolen prescriptions)

Accountable Officer:

Sue Carter

Sue Carter, NHS England South East Controlled Drug Accountable Officer

·         Controlled drug destruction requests

·         Controlled drug incident reporting – please see online reporting process above.

·         Private controlled drug prescriber code requests


For urgent issues regarding controlled drugs that require immediate assistance:

Call Carole Boarer 07919 413944 or Charlotte Vinter 01903 708680