Quality Payments Scheme – what to do, when to do it and how to report and claim

Quality Payment Review Point

The second Quality Payment Scheme for 2018/19 has been announced with a review point of 15th February 2019.

The revised scheme will have a review point on 15th February 2019, with contractors having a four-week window throughout February in which to make their declarations.

NHS England has published guidance on the Quality Payments Scheme for the February 2019 review point. The guidance document provides information on how community pharmacy contractors can meet the revised gateway and quality criteria requirements.

The guidance document also details the new declaration process via the NHS Business Services Authority Manage Your Service application and highlights the new process for validation of the gateway criteria.

Contractors are strongly advised to read the NHS England guidance in order to understand the Quality Payments Scheme requirements. The new guidance should be read in conjunction with previously published NHS England guidance documents on the Quality Payments Scheme:

  • NHS England – Pharmacy Quality Payments Gateway Criteria Guidance (published 23rd December 2016); and
  • NHS England – Pharmacy Quality Payments Quality Criteria Guidance (published 27th February 2017).

All three guidance documents can be found on the NHS England website.

PSNC resources

PSNC has published various resources for contractors to assist them with meeting the gateway and quality criteria of the Quality Payments Scheme; these can be found at psnc.org.uk/quality

Additional PSNC resources are currently being finalised and will be published in the near future; we will alert you when these are available through our normal communication channels.


If you have any queries  or you require more information, please contact Zainab Al-Kharsan, Service Development Pharmacist.