Work with us in 2021

We are keen to work collaboratively with others and actively seek opportunities to work alongside them for mutual benefit. For example:

  • Sponsorship, investment to support our workshops, conferences and events for the 530 community pharmacy contracts that we represent, support and develop.
  • Partnership,  corporate relationships over a longer term and/or to meet specific health outcomes in identified communities
  • Consultancy, we can provide professional or expert advice to organisations wanting to understand more about, or work with, community pharmacy. 

Covid-19: This page is being reviewed to reflect changes in circumstances. In the meantime, please contact us by emailing (FAO: Sandra) if you would like to work with us. 

Here we present our opportunities for 2020. 

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EXPIRED: Healthy Living Pharmacy workshop to help NHS community pharmacy contractors to be HLP compliant. January 2020

All community pharmacy contractors are required to become a Level 1 Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) by 1 April 2020 as agreed in the five-year deal between PSNC, NHS England and NHS Improvement and the Department of Health and Social Care.

To help this process in Surrey and Sussex the LPCs are working with award-winning pharmacy training specialists and founders of the HLP concept, Pharmacy Complete, to start, complete or build on Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) and help them to be HLP compliant before April.

All pharmacists and non-pharmacist managers seeking to become HLP Leaders and their pharmacy team members who aspire to become qualified Health Champions have been invited to attend a one-day training workshop on 12 January 2020 at a central location in Surrey and Sussex.

At this session participants will learn:

    • why Healthy Living Pharmacy is important and why it is now included as the foundation of Prevention in the new pharmacy contract as part of the new Pharmacy Quality Scheme
    • what they need to do to be a Healthy Living Pharmacy and how to achieve self-accreditation, or maintain their status if they are already and HLP.

Over 50 delegates are expected to attend on the day:

    • 20 Healthy Living Pharmacy leaders, a senior person in the team usually the pharmacy manager, other pharmacist or a pharmacy technician. The Health Leader will ensure all the necessary steps to becoming a HLP are taken and be able to get the rest of the team on board.
    • 30 Health Champions, the members of the pharmacy team who have completed formal training to help them to identify local areas for health improvement and develop ways to tackle them. Health Champions understand the role of pharmacy and also engage other team members in helping to improve the health of their communities.

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EXPIRED: Opportunities with the SE Forum of LPCs. Throughout 2020

The forum, which will meet at least three times in 2020, is a place for NHS community pharmacy leaders to hear about current issues affecting their sector, and brings them together with pharmacists and professionals from other sectors whose work supports or advances the interests of NHS community pharmacists across Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

It is also attended by representatives of the sectors leadership body – PSNC (the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee) – along with the NHS commissioners and our regions training and academic leaders

Held at accessible locations throughout Kent, Surrey and Sussex, each meeting usually sees more than 15 attendees and guest speakers, all experts in their field, or senior managers in their organisations.

Sponsorship would ideally be for one year with a renewal option in November 2020.

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CANCELLED: PCN lead pharmacist training. Thursday 19 March 2020

Primary care networks (PCNs) now form a key building block of the NHS long-term plan. And while GP practices have been finding different ways of working together over many years – for example in super-partnerships, federations, clusters and networks – community pharmacists have, mostly, stood by themselves.

The long-term plan and the new five-year framework for the GP contract, published in January 2019, put a more formal structure around GPs and now, with the emergence of the new community pharmacy contractual framework, community pharmacy is expected to integrate within local primary care networks, do more to protect public health and take on an expanded role in urgent care and medicines safety.

Most GP practices in England have now come together geographically in PCNs under the clinical directorship of a nominated colleague. Sussex and Surrey has over 60 PCN clinical directors. Now, pharmacy has been asked to identify one colleague from within each PCN area to become a lead pharmacist to represent their profession on the PCN and in discussions with clinical directors, PCN pharmacists and other clinicians in their local area.

We expect this nomination period to conclude by mid February 2020 and then all 60 lead community pharmacists need to come together with a common purpose.

Sponsors and/or supporters are sought for this milestone training event which is to arranged for 19 March 2020. However, we would welcome any opportunity to engage in a longer term partnership lasting 12 months, which would enable follow-up opportunities with our 60 lead pharmacists as they settle into their roles.

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