LPC Constitution and LPC Annual Accounts and Reports. Sub Committees TORs

Annual Reports and Annual Accounts for 2018 to 2019

East Sussex Local Pharmaceutical Committee Annual Report 2018 / 2019

If you have any queries regarding the annual reports which include the annual accounts, please contact our treasurer Paul Antenen  paul.antenen@nhs.net  for account queries or email LPC@communitypharmacyss.co.uk for annual report queries.

LPC Constitution:

This letter is to Richard Woolterton Primary Care Commissioner at NHS England  from East Sussex Local Pharmaceutical Committeeto ask that the
NHS England Surrey and Sussex Area Team officially recognises
The committee as the representative body for the pharmacy contractors in Brighton and Hoveand East Sussex.

Changes have been made to the LPC constitution, including some requested by NHS England.An EGM was held recently so that pharmacy contractors in the LPC area could vote on the changes.
They were accepted by a majority vote.

Letter to RW LPC recognition June 14

LPC Constitution Final 2014

Draft amended constitution for ratification at EGM 13th November 2014.

The LPC works through a series of sub committees. Terms of Reference for these sub committees:

East Sussex LPC Subcommittee Members April 2015

Market Entry-Exit Subcommittee Terms of Reference Nov 2014

Governance Subcommittee Terms of Reference Nov 2014

Finance Sub committee Terms of Reference 2014