Sexual Health (ESCC)

Service specifications for Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) and Chlamydia Screening can be found on the ESCC website here

The service specifications provide information about the training you need to do to provide sexual health services

Chlamydia Screening Test Promotion and where to get more packs?

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections; the infection can often show no symptoms and if left untreated can cause major problems such as infertility in women. Testing is extremely easy and can be treated with a course of antibiotics.

Most primary care facilities across East Sussex have met with Sophie Lewis the Chlamydia promotions officer, she is extremely grateful with how positive everyone has been about the service and with thanks to you she has now ensured packs are available across East Sussex.

Please remember to always offer a chlamydia screening test pack with EHC or a pregnancy test,  this request indicates the customer has had unprotected sex, so would strongly benefit from a testing kit.

A pack should also be dispensed with C-Card condoms, why not place Chlamydia business cards inside the pre-made c-card condom bags? Remember this age group attracts £3.00 for condoms and £5.00 for a testing kit; you could be making £8.00 for your business.

You will receive payment for patients aged 15-24 but please don’t feel discouraged to offer to any age, so why not display the packs on the shelf where they are easily accessible.

If you need any support, further questions or require promotional material and packs please contact Sophie Lewis on 07813430401 or

East Sussex C-Card scheme:

Service specifications for the C-Card Scheme can be found via this link:

Details of the service

The East Sussex C-Card scheme is a free and confidential co-ordinated condom distribution network for young people aged 13 – 24 years in East Sussex. It aims to provide quick and confidential access to condoms, supported by evidence based, accurate contraceptive and sexual health information, and sign posting to comprehensive contraceptive and sexual health services.

The employee undertaking c card provision must have completed C Card training; contact

All staff undertaking C-Card registrations will require a DBS check (dependent on frequency and intensity). Staff undertaking condom distributiononly DO NOT require a DBS check if operating the scheme in line with the C-Card protocols and guidance.

Contacts for queries

Email:  Tel: 01273 336052   Fax: 01273 336040

Where to obtain supplies  To obtain C-Card supplies please complete the C-Card order form (available on request) and return this to:    Supplies will be received within 10 working days.


 Patient group directions for emergency hormonal contraception (EHC)

PGD EHC Levonorgestrel 1 5mg final signed versionJan2018

PGD EHC Ulipristal Acetate final signed Jan 2018version


The new PHSLAs for the sexual health services in pharmacies will be issued soon. The training requirements for pharmacists to supply EHC on a PGD have been updated. Pharmacists must complete the Emergency Contraception Declaration of Competence on the CPPE website, before enrolling to offer this service. Please ensure the PharmOutcomes and CPPE viewer buttons have been ticked on your individual CPPE profile( My CPPE link). You can find the have NEW PGDs for Ulipristal and Levonorgestrel below and the PharmOutcomes template is being updated to reflect the changes in the PGDs. The new PGDs can be used from the 1st April 2018.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Janet Rittman, Community Pharmacy Advisor if you have any questions.

TEL (01273) 337560/ 07712427753