NEW HLP Level 2 Service – apply by 30th November 2017

NEW HLP Level 2 Service

Thank you to all the pharmacies that attended the HLP evening events in October. The feedback from the events was very positive and it was great to have so much enthusiasm from the attendees.  There are now 48 HLP level 1 accredited pharmacies in East Sussex which is a fantastic result compared to regional data.

Building on the success of HLP level 1, the Public Health department in collaboration with the Healthy Hasting and Rother Programme and East Sussex CCGs are now commissioning 8 HLP level 2 pharmacies from each of the three CCGs. HLP level 2 is an opportunity for pharmacies to engage in new locally commissioned services with additional public health support. The level 2 pharmacies will also receive additional backfilled health improvement training for health champions and pharmacists, support with enhanced health promotion campaigns and other provider engagement. The closing date for applications is 30th November 2017 and all pharmacies that have achieved HLP level 1 accreditation before this date are eligible to apply. If you would like to offer this service please follow the link to download the service specification and eligibility criteria application form.

Healthy Living Pharmacy-2-service specification-steering group2

Eligibility Criteria for Healthy Living Pharmacies level 2

HLP level 2 Presentation October 2017

LPC HLP support HLP level 1 and 2