Needle Exchange Information (ESCC)

Service specifications for Needle and Syringe Exchange can be found via this link on the ESCC website:

The service specifications include information on:  Service Details and Description, Quality Indicators, Training and Competencies, Payments.

The Needle and Syringe Programme is coordinated as part of the Community Substance Misuse Teams in Hastings (01424 452 580) and Eastbourne (01323 41 00 92).

Pharmacy pack contents – each pack contains either:

  • 10 x 1ml syringes with needle
  • 5 x 1ml syringes with needle
  • 10 x 2ml syringes and 10 x long blue needles with 10 (or 5, in 5 x 1ml packs) swabs, vitamin C, spoons and a sharps Bin

To order more needle exchange packs :

Contact Frontier Medical Tel: 01495 235800 / Fax: 01495 235808

To arrange sharps waste collection:

Contact SITA UK.  Tel: 0870 421 1122 / 01934 524 084 (email contact via the website)

East Sussex County Council (with whom the contract is with) contacts:

Contact at East Sussex County Council for any contract enquiries is Daniel Parsonage, Strategic Commissioning Manger, (Substance Misuse)  Tel:  01273 335110

or Tracey Houston, Public Health Business Manager Telephone 01273 481932