East Sussex County Council (ESCC)

East Sussex County Council (The Local Authority) has responsibility for Community Pharmacy, Public Health, Locally Commissioned Services (LCS).  These are:

Substance Misuse and Needle Exchange

Sexual Health – Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC), Provision of Condoms via the C-Card Scheme, Chlamydia screening programme of chlamydia/gonorrhoea NAATS self-test and Provision and undertaking of pregnancy test

Stop Smoking

Public Health Local Services Agreement between community pharmacy and ESCC plus the Service Specifications for:

Smoking Cessation, Supervised Consumption of prescribed medicines, Needle and Syringe Exchange, Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) and Chlamydia Screening and C-Card Service can be found at the ESCC website here

To contact East Sussex Public Health use the generic e mail address – then your enquiry will be forward to the appropriate person.  Using this email address means your enquiry can be handled promptly when personnel are out of the office and cannot respond to direct emails.


Contacts at East Sussex County Council (ESCC):

Tracey Houston – Tracey.Houston@eastsussex.gov.uk / 01273 481932

Business Manager – Manages the SI Procedure and Local Service Agreements

Colin Brown – colin.brown@eastsussex.gov.uk / 01273 335398  


Commissioner covering smoking cessation services

Tony Proom – Tony.Proom@eastsussex.gov.uk / 01273 335252

Commissioner covering sexual health services

David Bishop – David.Bishop@eastsussex.gov.uk / 01273 336228

Commissioner covering C-Card

Daniel Parsonage – Daniel.Parsonage@eastsussex.gov.uk / 01273 335110

Commissioner covering substance misuse services

Anita Counsell – Anita.Counsell@eastsussex.gov.uk / 01273 336045

Head of Specialist Health Commissioning and Health Improvement

Cynthia Lyons    Cynthia.Lyons@eastsussex.gov.uk

Acting Director of Public Health