Just in Case (JIC) Palliative Care Locally Commissioned Service (For pharmacies in EHS and H&R CCGs) starting 1st April 2015 – Documents and guidance.

This service is commissioned for pharmacies in Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford (EHS) and Hastings and Rother (H and R) CCGs – starting 1stApril 2015.

Contractors currently providing the service should complete the contract variation form and return to nicola.hone@nhs.net.

Contractors wishing to sign up to the service should contact Nicola.hone@nhs.net.

All documents including the Service Level Agreement, payment and reporting – including audit requirements are listed below:

Specification 21 JIC 2015

JIC info for pharmacies_dispensers 2015

JIC Overview Flowchart 2015

JIC audit return form 2015 pdf        JIC audit return form 2015 WORD        JIC audit return form 2015 excel

Invoice template h&r – for pharmacies in Hastings and Rother      Invoice template ehs  – for pharmacies in Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford

JIC box Instructions 2015

JIC Box labels 2015

Drug Instruction Chart pre-populated 2015

JIC What Is The JIC box patient leaflet 2015

Pharmacies contracted to supply JIC

JIC GP flowchart 2015

JIC info for GP staff 2015

JIC info for nurses 2015

Where do you order more JIC boxes from?

JIC boxes and labels are supplied by Alan Titheridge at the CCG office:

Alan Titheridge, Admin Support, Performance and Delivery

NHS Hastings and Rother CCG   NHS Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford CCG

Tel: 01424 735618

Email: alan.titheridge@nhs.net

Haloperidol injection long term supply problem – what to do for JIC boxes – a message from the CCG:

We are experiencing a supply problem with haloperidol injection which is expected to last up to a year. There only appears to be a single UK supplier so this means there will be little or no haloperidol injection available for some time.

In discussion with hospice consultants, GP palliative care leads, and LPC representatives the following has been agreed as reasonable actions for prescribers and pharmacists:

– Do not prescribe haloperidol for JIC boxes; cyclizine will be suitable for most patients which is already included in the JIC box drug list

– Consider levomepromazine (methotrimeprazine) on a case by case basis IF a need is identified but DO NOT ROUTINELY PRESCRIBE FOR JIC BOX

– If haloperidol is prescribed for a JIC box and no stock is available, then pharmacists should endorse the Rx as ‘not dispensed’, or return the EPS Rx, and DO NOT need to contact the prescriber to inform them



– If haloperidol is prescribed in any other situation other than a JIC box, then the prescriber SHOULD be contacted to discuss alternatives; this situation differs from a JIC box Rx as there is likely to be an identified current need for medication and a new Rx for an alternative is likely to be needed.


JIC box documentation:

We will not amend any of the JIC box documentation or labels at this time.

The CCG will monitor the situation.