Self-Care and OTC resources – EHS and H&R CCGs

Implementation of the new guidance for self-care and OTC medicines is well underway across NHS Hastings and Rother CCG and NHS Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford CCG. The CCGs have now released a position statement found here:  EHS HR over the counter medicines – position statement (August 2018) which makes it clear that most people are expected to make their own OTC purchases.  Other resources to support implementation can be found here:  EHS HR common OTC licensing limitations and EHS HR self-care pad

NHS england resources can be found here

Following on from the recently issued national guidance, “Conditions for which over the counter items should not routinely be prescribed in primary care: Guidance for CCGs” The Medicines Management Team at Eastbourne, Hailsham, Seaford (EHS) and Hastings and Rother (H & R) CCGs have provided the first set of locally produced resources to support implementation of the national work stream. Further resources will be issued during the upcoming months to cover other areas included in the guidance.

Self-care letter with resources to pharmacies

Medicines cabinet poster final 05-15

NHS Campaign OTC – A5 leaflet no crops

Hay fever poster final 05-15

Hay fever (leaflet) June 2018

Locally, the plan is to focus on hay fever over the summer months, and move to pain and dry skin in the autumn.

Community pharmacy features heavily in their campaign; people are encouraged to utilise their local pharmacy for advice for minor conditions.

How can community pharmacies and their teams support?

• Displaying and using the posters and leaflets (above)  as appropriate for your pharmacy
• Avoid referring any person to their GP for the sole purpose of obtaining a prescription for an item available OTC. It may be worth bearing in mind that people who don’t pay for their prescriptions are not exempt from self-care, and it would be really beneficial if you could ensure that all staff, including counter staff, are aware of the guidance.
• Consider stocking cost effective medicines for self-care e.g. generic antihistamines to help increase affordability for more people

Many thanks for your support with this national initiative and don’t hesitate to get in touch (using the email or phone number below) with any questions or comments.

01424 735633 (phone)

What training and support is available locally?

Shared Learning with GPs -with backfill funding available

The Medicines Management Team are also working with the LPC and GP colleagues, and all local community pharmacists have been invited to attend a “peer review” session with their local practice(s) in the autumn, where they will explore the benefits of self-care for the individual, the pharmacy, the GP and the wider NHS as well as the potential implementation challenges; they will also look at some case histories and consider the OTC licensing issues.

**This is the first joint learning event for pharmacists and GPs and is an excellent opportunity to encourage joint working and build relationships with your local practice. **

Booking is essential to attend  these events using the booking form below  which must be returned to Karen Becker as detailed on the flyer below as soon as possible.  More information here

Community Pharmacy – Self Care Flyer FINAL (002)

Community Pharmacy Self Care Booking Form FINAL