Stop Smoking (BHCC)

Service Details, Payments and Documentation:

Pharmacy contract template 2016-2019 -NEW FOR 2016 onwards.

Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Service Spec FINAL 2016 -2019 NEW for 2016 onwards

Stop Smoking Service Contract variations – Enhancements to stop smoking services

Brighton & Hove City Council is pleased to offer community pharmacies two new services to enhance the stop smoking services in Brighton and Hove. Details about the services and instructions for completing contract variations are below. Please return signed contract variations as soon as possible or before the 27th February 2017.

About the services

Specification for NRT e-voucher scheme 

Appendix 1 – NRT e-voucher sheme

This specification will enable clients attending stop smoking clinics with trained stop smoking advisors approved by the Public Health Tobacco Control and Projects Commissioner, Brighton & Hove City Council (e.g. health trainers) to access nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) ( in line with NICE guidance) on an e-voucher scheme using PharmOutcomes.  To ensure there is sufficient coverage across the city for clients we hope that all locally commissioned pharmacies providing stop smoking services will sign up to this specification.

Specification for Young people under 16 years (12yrs – 15yrs) Smoking Cessation (Attachment 2, Appendices A&B)

Appendix 2 – U16 service specification

Attachment A_guidance YP service

Attachment B_ 2016 NRT SOP v1

According to the latest What About Youth survey Brighton & Hove has the highest number of 15 year old current smokers.  The good news is many young people who do smoke want to stop.

NICE guidance supports smoking cessation in young people through local smoking cessation services and access to behavioural support and pharmacotherapy. This service aims to make stop smoking services more accessible for young people aged 12-15 years through community pharmacy.

Please note, the current specification for smoking cessation services covers access to stop smoking services for 16+

Instructions on accepting the contract variation(s)

There are two contract variations dependent on what you wish to sign up for.

Pharmacies signing up to only the NRT e-voucher scheme please use attachment titled Contact variation_ONLY_NRT e-voucher scheme.  Contract Variation_ ONLY NRT e-voucher scheme

Pharmacies signing up to both the NRT e-voucher scheme and the Young people under 16 years (12-15 years) Smoking Cessation please use attachment titled Contract variation_BOTH_YP service & NRT e-voucher scheme and send copy of your pharmacy safeguarding policy.

Contract Variation_BOTH YP service & NRT e-voucher scheme

Please send two signed copies of contract variations, and where applicable a copy of safeguarding policy also, as soon as possible or before the 27th February 2017 to:

Ellie Katsourides

Public Health Team Administrator

Brighton & Hove City Council

2nd Floor

Hove Town Hall

Norton Road




Use of PharmOutcomes to record all Stop Smoking Service transactions and outcomes

From 1st July 2016, Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) Locally Commissioned Service (LCS) payment claims, service consultations and evaluation data records will move from the paper based system to PharmOutcomes.  More information here

If you have any enquiries about the use of PharmOutcomes or payments please contact Susan Stewart as below:


Contacts and enquiries:

Smoking Cessation – Susan Stewart,  Public Health Tobacco Control and Projects Commissioner

Brighton and Hove City Council

 Email:  Tel: 01273 29 3927  Mobile: 07584217260


Stop Smoking Update and Supervision Training:

For enquiries about the forthcoming dates for “Stop Smoking Update and Supervision Training” which form the CPD element of the local commission services your pharmacy provides. If you could please contact:

Anna Fairhurst

Smoking Cessation Service Lead

Tel: 01273 696955 x7445: Bleep 8335