Sexual Health (BHCC)

Contacts and enquires:

EHC/sexual health –  01273 296554

Providing the service:

To provide the service after May 1st 2016 you must send a copy of the following signed documentation to the service commissioner, Stephen Nicholson, Sexual Health Services Commissioner, Public Health, Kings House, Grand Avenue, BN3 2LS or E mail to .

 Declaration of Competence and qualification certificate

 Completed Pharmacist Authorisation checklist

Declaration of competence EHC final 4  It is essential to work through this document which contains a link to the  declaration of competence and the Pharmacist Authorisation checklist.

If you have any questions or require clarification about providing this service please contact

Sexual Health –Emergency Hormonal Contraception – Stephen Nicholson Tel. 01273 296554

                               Chlamydia Treatment Service- Vicky Fenwick  Tel 01273 696011 x 1120

Presentation slides and documents to support the EHC Declaration of Competence  – from the EHC training evening on 3rd February are listed below:

The documents will form part of the new EHC handbook so please file them for reference to support you, when you are offering the service.

Also, here is the EHC handbook on how to order chlamydia tests and condoms:  Chlamydia screening programme Contacts for CP_04 16

The service specification can be accessed here:  EHC LCS specification February (FINAL) – Combined (3)

It is a requirement of the service specification for pharmacists to read and sign a copy of each of the PGDs. Please keep a signed copy with the EHC handbook information. This is also a requirement for audits that will be completed for the service.

Relief pharmacists will need to sign a copy of the PGDs in every pharmacy they work in.


CEU guidance Emergency Contraception 11

CEU Statement Missed Pills

CEU Guidance Barrier Methods Contraception SDI

CEU Guidance Drug Interactions Hormonal

emergency contraception presentation pptx

14th October 2015 – Chlamydia Update Pharmacy

FRASER GUIDANCE_pharmacy support for EHC

Safeguarding:  The Portal link below provides safeguarding information for Healthcare professionals with regard to reporting domestic or sexual abuse. Please add it to your safeguarding information. People affected can also contact the service directly.

Fraser competency fact sheet

Mash Leaflet for professionals



Information and Documents to support EHC Declaration of Competence DOC for BHCC:

Below are additional documents and information provided by BHCC to support community pharmacies with the Declaration of Competence (DOC) for EHC service provision.

hormonal contraception methods and patient eligibility

Informed Patient Consent for Pharmacy services

Criteria for your welcome pharmacy 2

You’re welcome 2011


Declaration of competence EHC final 4


EHC_DoC_self assessment


Here is the CPPE presentation to help you complete the Declaration of Competence (DoC):


CPPE are also running series of e-workshops to help people complete the DoC – plus a recording will be available from Tuesday 30th September at


If you are already providing this service then you may not need to complete any further training but will still need to return the Pharmacist Authorisation form attached to the DoC guidance.

Additional information:

Pharmacies providing the EHC Locally Commissioned Service (LCS)  will have to do so for 90% of opening hours and this specification will be included in the new service spec from 1st May 2016.  This is to ensure a friendly, confidential and consistent service for young people without them having to be referred to another provider.

An enhanced DBS check is required for all Pharmacists providing this service.