Public health local service agreements (LSAs) 2019/20

As the new financial year approaches public health contracts are being reviewed and refreshed. Here is what we know so far to help you plan. (page last updated 6 February 2019):

Brighton and Hove 

Here are the agreed timelines for the community pharmacy locally commissioned service specifications. The services will be commissioned for 2 years i.e. April 2019-March 2021.

  • Monday 21 January: Sexual Health and Contraceptive Service Specification has already been sent directly to community pharmacies.
  • Monday 18 February: New smoking cessation service specifications will be sent to the LPC/CPSS
  • Monday 25 February:  Overarching contract and new smoking cessation service specifications sent to pharmacies.
  • The deadline for returning the locally commissioned service (LCS) contracts to Public Health is Friday 29 March 2019.

East Sussex

Some changes are to be made to PHLSAs which begin 1 April 2019.

Substance misuseNeedle and Syringe Exchange and  Supervised Consumption

  • Substance Misuse PHLSAs will roll over to cover April and May 2019 and will then cease. After this date, the services outlined in the current PHLSAs will cease to be the responsibility of the County Council.
  • Needle and Syringe Exchange and Supervised Consumption will form part of the services commissioned in the new drug and alcohol treatment contract.  How these services are organised and delivered will be outlined in the bids from prospective providers for the overall service.  The deadline for these bids was Wednesday 5th December.  The quality of the bids will be assessed in early 2019 and updates will be issued accordingly.

Sexual Health (inc. Chlamydia and C-Card): Chlamydia ScreeningEHC and Chlamydia Screening,Chlamydia Screening and C-Card

  • There will be no major changes ahead of the Sexual Health Needs Assessment which will review footfall, appropriateness and activity to inform the next Sexual Health Commissioning strategy April 2019 – 2024.
  • However, changes/updates may be made in year to reflect any needs identified in the assessment.

Smoking Cessation: Smoking Cessation Pharmacy

  • There will be no major changes for 2019/20.


  • Please note that PHLSAs will be issued at the end of January.
  • You will need to sign the overarching contract and service specification relevant to the service you wish to deliver and return by the end of February.
  • We will update PharmOutcomes with the new sign-up data on Monday 1 April between 9am and 11am. PharmOutcomes will be unavailable during this period.