Public health

Brighton and Hove

Every three months, Hinal Patel, service development  & support pharmacist meets with public health and CCG commissioners to discuss community pharmacy. They talk about all the locally commissioned services (LCS) within the city.  Notes and action points from the meetings.

In order to help us best represent you please tell us if you have anything you want us to feedback to public health, or discuss with them on your behalf. Email

Notes from meeting in December 2019

Smoking Cessation Service

  • Community Pharmacy in the past had always delivered expectionally well on Smoking Cessation but over the past year the performance of the service has declined.
  • PGD for the supply of Varenacline through Community Pharmacy was introduced through HLP-2 stores in the city, but still the level of quits from Community Pharmacy is low.
  • ACTION: We urge community pharmacists to check their process and make sure they are targeting  patients to help them in their journey of giving up smoking.

 Sexual Health Services

  •  Brighton has a mixed demographic and  the Sexual Health Services like Emergency Hormonal Contraception(EHC)  are delievered really well from community pharmacy.
  • Feedback from commissioners is telling us that community pharmacy needs to focus on is the provision of other sexual health service like Chlamydia Testing. It is a real missed opportunity where a linked Sexual Health Service can be provided.
  • ACTION: Please offer Chlamydia testing, where appropriate with every EHC service provided.

Advanced Services

  •  ACTION: Please always remember to book the eligible patients for their Medicine Use Review (MUR) for a time that suits your pharmacy workload.

The next meeting is in the Spring.

East Sussex

We work very closely with public health in East Sussex.

Their bulletin is a regular update of local public health news. This includes:

  • the latest additions to the East Sussex Joint Strategic Needs and Assets Assessment website
  • local campaigns and initiatives.
  • some interesting and important, national and international, public health research and news.

East Sussex public health bulletin February 2019

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