Needle Exchange Information (BHCC)

Service Information and Contacts:

Pavilions are delivering the Substance Misuse Service for Brighton & Hove which includes needle exchange.

ORION are responsible for needle exchange stock, supply and removal of all needle exchange waste.  (ORION use a company called SRCL). Each pharmacy has agreed a collection frequency and changes can always be made if necessary.

To order stock or arrange collection of waste from ORION or for any issues around this please call Deborah Belton on 01869 244423. It takes between 24Hrs and 48Hrs to arrive.

Can all pharmacies please make sure that you are using ORION to order your stock from and that you are having your clinical waste removed by them.

Static Needle Exchange Services operate from Morley Street.

Ordering Needle Exchange packs – and pack information:

Click on the link below to find out the packs available to order from Orion.

Cranstoun Pharmacy Card – Pack information and how to order

Ordering Pharmacy Packs – Orders placed before 1pm will be delivered the next working day Please quote your postcode when placing an order Call Orion Medical Supplies on Tel: 01869 244 423

Email: or Fax: 0844 357 6623

Payments and Claims:

As from 1st December 2015 ALL invoices and payments for Substance Misuse Services and Needle Exchange are being managed on a monthly basis using the reporting database  NEO.

To get paid you must input all the information before the 8th of each month for the previous month’s supervised consumption and needle exchange transactions.

December 2015 transactions MUST be inputted before the 8th January 2016.  If you miss the monthly deadline you will not get paid.

All pharmacies that are providing Needle exchange services are now having to collect some basic data from the clients.  Pavilions have provided a written confidentiality statement to give to clients to explain why the data is being requested by Pavilions.  You can download it here:

Confidentiality statement from Pavilions for Needle Exchange Clients re Data Collection


Please note that the new contract and service specifications from will be posted once finalised and received from Pavillions

These are the LES Specifications previously with BHC PCT which have rolled over until then