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Every fortnight we aim to distribute our news round-up with information about what’s happening in politics, education and training for community pharmacists across Surrey and Sussex, and share all the exciting innovations that are happening to transform our sector.

And, because our environment is changing at pace and some things just can’t wait, we also send ad-hoc and topical news, which we send when there’s important news to tell, or tasks to complete.

These new ways, alongside more targeted and branded emails should make it easier for  community pharmacy contractors in Surrey and Sussex to access information that is as accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive as possible.

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NOTE: our newsletters are currently designed and distributed as html templates on Outlook. They are available here in .pdf format, with some reduction in quality and layout.

Newsletter  (2019)      Fortnightly news round-up (2019) Ad-hoc and topical news
Jan 2019 newsletter [pdf]     Fortnightly roundup – Issue 1 7 Feb 19 [pdf] GPhC inspections advice from your LPCs 24 May 2019 [pdf]
    Fortnightly roundup – Issue 2 22 Feb 19 [pdf] Head of primary care for NHS England’s South East Local Regional Office speaks to your LPCs about PCNs (29 May 2019) [pdf]
    Fortnightly roundup – Issue 3 7 March 19 [pdf] Surrey & Sussex PCN special (issue 1) 26 September 2019
    Fortnightly roundup – Issue 4 21 March 19 [pdf] Surrey & Sussex PCN special (issue 2) 29 October 2019
    Fortnightly roundup – Issue 5 4 April 19 [pdf]
    Fortnightly roundup – Issue 6 24 April 19 [pdf]

(late due to Easter Bank Holidays)

    Fortnightly roundup – Issue 7 9 May 19 [pdf]
  Fortnightly roundup – Issue 8 23 May 19 [pdf]

(distributed 30 May)

Fortnightly roundup – Issue 9 6 June 19 [pdf]
Fortnightly roundup – Issue 10 20 June [pdf]
    Fortnightly roundup – Issue 11 4 July [pdf]
    Fortnightly roundup – Issue 12 4 18July [pdf]
     Due Thursday 1 August
    Fortnightly roundup – Issue 14 15 Aug [pdf]
Fortnightly roundup – Issue 15 12 September[pdf]
    Fortnightly roundup – Issue 16 19 September[pdf]
    Fortnightly round up issue 17 10 October [pdf]
    Fortnightly Round up issue 18 24 October [pdf]
Fortnightly Round up issue 19 6 November 2019 [pdf]
     Due Thursday 21 November
     Due Thursday 6 December

Our newsletters and news round-ups are constantly evolving and we welcome suggestions for articles and accept submissions from partners and people with shared interests, but cannot always guarantee inclusion. Please submit your text to lpc@communitypharmacyss.co.uk marked  ‘FAO newsletter’  at least one week in advance of the distribution dates above.

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In the past before – and just after – we became Community Pharmacy Sussex and Surrey each LPC produced its own newsletter every month. Here is our newsletter archive for each of our three LPC areas: